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For coaching entrepreneurs who are deeply invested in creating, launching, and delivering high-impact programs but tired of never-ending cycle. (Your Privacy is protected. We do not sell or share data with outsiders).

Welcome to Productize Your Coaching – your weekly guide to navigating the shift from traditional coaching to successful online course creation.

This newsletter is roughly based on the three core pillars of building your online course empire:

  1. Teach what you love online – convert your coaching knowledge into highly engaging microlearning and online courses.
  2. Automate your sales online – build high converting marketing funnels that sell your digital products 365 days, even when you’re on a 3-month long vacation.
  3. Build your digital platform online – tame the tech so it goes out of your way on building your audience, hosting your communities, and scaling your sales.

What’s in store for you?

Each edition of the Productize Your Coaching newsletter will have a combination of the following elements (and more):

In-Depth Insights: Each edition features an essay covering everything from initial idea generation to course creation, marketing, and monetization.

Visual Stimulus: Enjoy original comic strips that add a light-hearted touch while reinforcing key principles of online course creation.

Tech Round-Up: Stay updated with the latest technologies reshaping the world of digital education and learn how to leverage them in your journey.

Book Spotlight: Discover valuable reads that fuel your personal development and aid your transition into a successful online educator.

Thought Leadership: Benefit from opinion pieces that dissect trending topics in the online education space, providing you with unique perspectives to stay ahead.

Reader’s Corner: Engage in a dynamic community of like-minded coaches, ask questions, share insights, and feature in our reader’s corner.

If this sounds interesting to you, you’ll love the Productize Your Coaching Newsletter. (And that’s a promise).

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About Ed Evan Rich

Hi, I’m Ed.

I help coaching business owners create, sell, and scale online courses.

I mainly work with coaches and consultants who want to scale their business online with digital products but are extremely time poor.

Some of the notable brands I’ve worked with include TiE UK (The Indus Entrepreneurs), Jay Shetty, Marisa Peer, Vasco Duarte, Product Owner Summit, Hijama Nation, and many others.

Working behind the scenes taught me a lot about what makes a successful digital products business, that I can’t find in any book, course, or seminar.

I always wanted to share these lessons with a wider audience (beyond my coaching or consulting clients) but failed to find the time.

On the surface, it looks like I had the classic time problem. But in reality, I had workflow problem.

In 2023, I finally managed to put together a workflow that allows me to share my learning through my experimental newsletter.

This website is the home of this newsletter, called Productize Your Coaching.

It’s a newsletter for coaches who want to have a leverage in their business by creating their IPs that sell online all year, every year.

In this newsletter, I share my thoughts, tools, and frameworks that my clients find helpful in scaling their businesses without selling any more of their hours.

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