Creating videos that go viral like wildfire

Brian G Johnson

Brian G. Johnson is an internet entrepreneur for over a decade now. Is a serial entrepreneur, #1 best selling author, engaging speaker, product creator and poodle wrangler who enjoys coaching others to success.

He has been making money online by leveraging a number of programs and systems that have allowed him to quit his day job as a professional chef.

Ever since he remember, he had been driven to do his own thing, that is… work for himself and never required to answer to a boss. Brian has made hundreds of thousands of dollars as an AdSense publisher, an affiliate marketer, product vendor and reseller of various online services.

Brian runs a YouTube channel called, Brian G Johnson TV and in this channel he teaches YouTubers and vloggers about getting found on YouTube. The thing I love most about Brian’s channel is a flawless demonstration of his personality and opinions backed by facts and solid research.

Brian has authored two books, “Tube Ritual Volume 1: Jumpstart Your Journey To 5000 YouTube Subscribers”, and “Trust Funnel: Leverage Today’s Online Currency to Grab Attention, Drive and Convert Traffic, and Live a Fabulous Life.”

Today I have the privilege to interview Brian to talk about how you as a vlogger can prepare to benefit from your videos spreading like wildfire.

Today we are going to talk about methods and strategies that are better than going viral for vloggers and how to benefit from those.

All this focused on one thing, building your business behind your message to the world.

Table Of Contents

  1. Welcome! Start Here
  2. Mindset of successful video bloggers
  3. All the tech you’ll ever need to make video content
  4. How to come up with a never ending flow of video content
  5. How to grow your audience online
  6. How to make money from your videos
  7. Build your powerhouse with funnels and marketing engines
  8. Advanced Growth Strategies
  9. Making videos as a couple or a family together
  10. Making videos as a modern family & LGBT