How to overcome your fear of camera and connect with your audience with confidence

Mi Elfverson

Mi Elfversion a video producer, business travel photographer and the founder of The Vlog Academy.

She started in film and TV more than 25 years ago. Her previous experience in high-end film, TV and commercial production has now all come together in her own company ‘The Vlog Academy’.

I’m glad that she took this bold step to open such an academy for budding vloggers after realizing the importance of videos in today’s era.

Today, we are here to talk about how to overcome fear of putting yourself out there, especially the fear with facing the camera. We will also talk about how you can create a deeper connection with your audience.

Table Of Contents

  1. Welcome! Start Here
  2. Mindset of successful video bloggers
  3. All the tech you’ll ever need to make video content
  4. How to come up with a never ending flow of video content
  5. How to grow your audience online
  6. How to make money from your videos
  7. Build your powerhouse with funnels and marketing engines
  8. Advanced Growth Strategies
  9. Making videos as a couple or a family together
  10. Making videos as a modern family & LGBT