Book Funnel Blueprint [Part 2]: The Problem

There is a misconception in the field of thought leadership building. It’s that once you’ve written your book you’ll get these benefits:

  • People will recognise you as an authority in your industry
  • Your book will attract potential clients to do business with you
  • You will become your client’s preferred choice
  • You will build an audience and community around your book
  • You will add another revenue stream to your business
  • You will get invited to speak at conferences
  • You will be able to charge higher prices for your work
  • Influencers around the world will mention you and send their traffic your way

While it is true that a book can play a role in getting the above benefits, but a book alone will not get you any of them.

There is a missing piece that enables your book to deliver you the above benefits. These live on an assumption that once your book is out in the public, people will notice it.

That relevant people will notice it. It also assumes that books are still considered as sacred as they used to be.

Books used to be one of the very few mediums of holding peoples attention while holding it in their hands.

It’s not the case now. It will never again be.

Books are now a medium for consuming long-form information. Books still gets a fair share of respect because it’s tiresome to produce every piece.

 There is still some barrier to entry when compared to other mediums such as blogs, podcasts, etc.

When your book works as a centrepiece of your thesis, it does wonder. It beats all other mediums as an uninterrupted medium of immersion.

So, the question is how to get your book to that point where it becomes the preferred medium of emersion:

  • How to get your book in the right hands and at the right time?
  • How to systemically elevate your thought leadership with your book?
  • How to do it in the most efficient way possible?
  • How to employ your book as a virtual business development executive, working for you 24/7?
  • And how to automate all this stuff so that once your book is done, it doesn’t take your time away to make it work?

In this white paper, we are going to address these problems.

We’ll explore the solution to this question: 

“How to get your book in the right hands on the right time, and do it at a profit?”


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