Book Funnel Blueprint [Part 3]: The Solution

The solution lies in building your platform of your book distribution.


Once you have this distribution system, you can even use it with almost any other online asset under $50.

Having this distribution system relies on three core pillars:

  • A predictable process to source RELEVANT traffic that can be automated
  • The infrastructure to market, sell and deliver your asset (book) to customers that is automated
  • Having a method of conversion for your book customers to become high ticket clients

It is usually faster, cheaper and has the same impact as the self-publishing option:

  • Gain BETA readers for your book before you write it so you can take feedback and improve it before release
  • Survey your audience about their pains and problems that you can address in your book (or next book)
  • Build an email and retargeting list of people interested in your book idea or thesis
  • Release your next book even without publishing it anywhere else
  • Set your pricing with 100% earnings going to your account
  • Enrol more high-ticket clients from your online presence

Get every one of these benefits individually or in combination using just one distribution system of your own.

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