Book Funnel Blueprints – Start Here

Your book is a door opener in your industry. You are reading this book because you are a thought leader. If not, at least you are interested in building your thought leadership.

It is now a common understanding that your book is one of the pillar assets to show that you are a thought leader. 

A common pitfall business book authors fall into is not being able to deliver the book in the right hands. 

What good is your book or even your brand if it can’t bring your business measurable revenues.

This book covers this topic in detail with seven different book funnels that you can model and use in your own business. 

Most importantly, we have assumed that you are someone building your thought leadership in B2B space.

Ever one of the seven funnels we cover has a method to move your book reader (or buyer) into your sales pipeline. 

We assumed that your ultimate goal is to get clients predictably. 

We also assume that your goal is not to build a career as an author writing books only.

To pull this off, you will need a solid back-end. A proven and time tested sales pipeline with some high ticket product or service. 

By high ticket, we mean above $3k. The sky is the limit after that. 

So the seven funnels that we are going to cover are divided into four segments:

  1. Pre-Writing Stage
  2. Already Written but Not Published
  3. Published Through Traditional Publishing
  4. Self Published the book

Based on where you are on your book publishing journey, you should be able to pick the right funnel for you.