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Here’s What’s Included:

Module 1 Welcome! Start Here
Unit 1 How To Make The Best Out Of This Program
Module 2 Mindset of successful video bloggers
Unit 1 Evan Carmichael - Finding your content focus with “Your One Word”  - Preview
Unit 2 Mi Elfverson - How to overcome your fear of camera and connect with your audience with confidence
Unit 3 Jazmin May Graza - How to develop your voice and shine your unique personality on video
Module 3 All the tech you'll ever need to make video content
Unit 1 Justin Brown - All video and audio hardware you’ll ever need to create video contents
Unit 2 Justin Odisho - Mastering the edit
Unit 3 Lou Bortone - Tools that video marketing titans use
Module 4 How to come up with a never ending flow of video content
Unit 1 Rob Nelson - Video storytelling secrets Part 1
Unit 2 Jonas Stenstrom - Video storytelling secrets Part 2
Unit 3 Matt Granite - How to increase audience engagements with livestreams
Module 5 How to grow your audience online
Unit 1 Sean Cannell - Total YouTube domination  - Preview
Unit 2 Owen Video - YouTube channel engagement as a growth strategy
Unit 3 Brian G Johnson - Creating videos that go viral like wildfire
Unit 4 Nick Nimmin - How to collaborate with video influencers
Unit 5 Thom Gibson - Getting your first 3000 subscribers on YouTube
Module 6 How to make money from your videos
Unit 1 Patrick Bet David - Develop your powerful personal brand online  - Preview
Unit 2 Brandon Lucero - Make money from YouTube - best strategies
Unit 3 Kevin Jordan - Using Duct Tape Marketing in your videos to generate leads
Unit 4 David Walsh - Starting with end in mind on YouTube
Module 7 Build your powerhouse with funnels and marketing engines
Unit 1 Navid Moazzez - How to make money with email lists
Unit 2 Dan Lok - How to sell high ticket services from your daily videos  - Preview
Unit 3 Jeremy Vest - How to sell services to your audience with authority
Unit 4 Poppy Popescu - Unleash the travel vlogger in you
Module 8 Advanced Growth Strategies
Unit 1 Andrew Kan - How to grow your YouTube channel with Tube Buddy
Unit 2 Jean Ginzburg - How to sell anything from your social media videos
Unit 3 Nate Punzalan - How to use your personality to grow your audience and make money
Unit 4 Martin Hirner - Using videos to make a living as an artist
Module 9 Making videos as a couple or a family together
Unit 1 Shona Cole - How to support your young child to succeed at video blogging
Unit 2 Annie Rose Cole - How to get necessary support from your parents to succeed at videos
Unit 3 Nikki Nixon - How to make video blogs as a family with kids
Unit 4 Bryce Jurgensmeier And Nallie Jurgensmeier - How to make videos as a couple
Module 10 Making videos as a modern family & LGBT
Unit 1 Zach Garcia - How to handle sensitive topics in videos
Unit 2 Brandy Black - Making video content together as a modern family
Unit 3 Karlee Holden - Video blogging as a teen mom
Unit 4 Neysa Brandon - How to start a family Vlogging channel on YouTube