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Here’s What’s Included:

Module 1 Welcome To The Course
Unit 1 Introduction  - Preview
Unit 2 What Will You Learn In This Course
Unit 3 Introducing Yourself To The Course Community
Unit 4 Why Should You Do This 5 Day Challenge?
Unit 5 How To Get The Best Out Of This Challenge
Unit 6 Challenge Checklist - How To Be A Star Student
Unit 7 Workbook
Module 2 Day 1 - Deciding What To Write About (Attention Grabber)
Unit 1 Decide Your Blog Topic For The Perfect Blog Post Challenge
Unit 2 Exercise - Write 30 Potential Headlines & Pick The One That Got Most Attention
Module 3 Day 2 - Design Structure For Maximum Attention Retention
Unit 1 How To Structure Your Blog Post
Unit 2 Exercise - Write 3-5 Bullet Points Each For Why, How & What If Scenarios
Module 4 Day 3 - Speed Write The First Draft
Unit 1 How To Write Your First Draft Real Quick
Unit 2 Exercise - Write 1 To 2 Paragraphs Each For The Above Bullet Points
Module 5 Day 4 - Edit For Maximum Reader Retention
Unit 1 How To Edit Your Blog For Maximum Reader Retention
Unit 2 Exercise - Edit The Draft In Human Readable Format
Module 6 Day 5 - Adding A Compelling Call To Action
Unit 1 How To Add A Compelling Call To Action
Unit 2 Exercise - The Ideal Call To Action Selection
Module 7 Congratulations On Completing The Course
Unit 1 Final Thoughts
Unit 2 Thank You