Here’s what you’ll be able to do yourself by the end of Niche Challenge

When you signed up for the 5-Day “Find Your Profitable Coaching Niche” Challenge, you probably wondered whether it’s worth your time.

Well, 5-days is not a short time. It’s a significant commitment.

I acknowledge that.

You’ve probably gone to other challenges before that were hosted by the so-called “Gurus”, with 600,000 other people, only to be disappointed in the end with pitches to buy their online courses.

How is this challenge different then?

Well, to start with… there’s no pitch. There’s no upsell or down-sell. You’ll not be sold to on this challenge.

Second, it’s a small cohort-based mini-mastermind, hosted for 5 days with 5-15 people who’ll not only work towards finding their niche but also will contribute towards helping YOU find your niche.

If there’s no pitch, why am I doing this challenge then?

This challenge is a part of my virtual book tour for The 48 Hour Book Method.

The best way I know of promoting a book is to actually help people with the contents of the book.

So, here I am, spending 5 days with you, using the contents of my book to prove to the market how useful the book could be for you.

By the way, the book is FREE too.

If the book is free, then what’s the catch?

There’s always a catch. Isn’t it?

The catch here is that this book is in the BETA phase right now.

This book is not publicly out yet. You get to read all the chapters that I and my co-author have written and will write in the future…

… as we write them.

This book tour is to help me build a community of “early readers” who are most likely to benefit from its contents.

With this challenge and the book tour, I want to earn my superfans.

And as I said before, the best way to do that is to actually show you how useful the content of the book is.

The 5-Day “Find Your Profitable Coaching Niche” Challenge came out of the contents of Chapter 4 of this book. 

Since this challenge depends on my time, it is not going to be available for long.

When I was working on Chapter 4, I re-wrote it 3 times and still was not happy with my skills in expressing what I was trying to say in words.

1You can get the first 3 chapters right now when you join the Early Reader Community of The 48 Hour Book Method.

When I told Vasco (co-author) that I want to re-write it the 4th time, he challenged me instead to go out and prove my concepts of Chapter 4 with the ideal readers1 of my book.

There’s no point in sitting in a room and meditating with words to come up with something just to fill the chapters. The real test of the contents of this book is with people who can benefit the most.

This challenge is the Chapter 4.

The question is, does it really help to find you a profitable coaching niche?

I’m happy to say that the answer has been YES.

See it for yourself.

I just compiled this short video on how the end of the 5 days together in this challenge looks like and what you’ll be able to do yourself by then…

Just in case you feel a bit lost on what’s going on… I’m adding the first 15 minutes from Day 1 of one of the cohorts of this challenge.

This video includes the BIG Promise of this challenge, the curriculum, and your plan of action for the 5 days.

Enjoy! I’ll see you at the challenge.

Ed “Niches” Rich

Co-author, The 48 Hour Book Method
Creator & Host, 5-Day “Find Your Profitable Coaching Niche” Challenge

P.S. This challenge also includes a private, invite-only, community of people who are participating in this challenge.

I’ll share it ONLY with people who’ll attend Day 1 of this challenge. I do this to make sure that I personally know everyone who join the community, to manage the quality fo participation.

P.P.S. Please let me know in the comments below what is the niche you have in your mind right now (before you start your challenge).

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