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Every week I routinely visit these responses, and if I would like to explore your situation more, I’ll personally reach out to you via phone or email for a 15-20 min chat.

Also, I’ve sent an email to you with the direct link to download the free chapters of The 48 Hour Book Method.

Here’s what I found from this questionnaire…

People who filled this questionnaire generally fall into three main type of challenges…

  • I don’t believe I’m an expert
  • I don’t know how to write my book
  • I don’t know how to market my book

Your answers are organised in the following three Empathy Maps.

Jennifer wants to author a book to get speaking gigs, but lack of time to write is holding her back. (Empathy Map of Jennifer)

Steve wants to author a book to build his personal brand as an authority, but he don’t know how to get started. (Empathy Map of Steve)

Claire wants to author a book to prove credibility in a new field so she can transition into coaching full-time, but not having a niche is holding her back. (Empathy Map of Claire)

I’ve gone ahead and created a masterclass based on this questionnaire that explains how you can overcome these challenges in your own book.

This masterclass is called:

How To Author A Book That Gets You Invited To Speak, Builds A Tribe Of Superfans, And Sells Your Signature Program Or Service…

…Using The 48 Hour Book Method.

Here’s what I’ve covered in this masterclass…

  • How to author a quality, research-backed book that demonstrates your authority in your field… even if you struggle with finding time to write.
  • How to use your book release to build a tribe of superfans who’ll buy what you sell and line up to do business with you… even before you publish your book.
  • How to structure your book to create, promote, and pre-sell your signature coaching or consulting program… even if you’re new in your niche and nobody’s ever heard of you before.
  • And MUCH, much more…

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