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Growing a coaching business online is tough.

You are in the coaching business for a LIFESTYLE of FREEDOM and SERVICE, but your hopes quickly disappear when you have to deal with marketing.

It’s also frustrating to deal with tech that comes with it. It’s overwhelming to having to learn so many skills that’ll make you a marketer rather than a coach.

How much it’s costing you?

  • How many potential clients can’t find you in the sea of noise when they are actively looking for a coach?
  • How many people are passing up your coaching?
  • How much time you are wasting in producing blogs, podcasts, videos, or posts on social that are not building your email audience or getting you booked with your initial consultations.
  • How much time and energy you’ve lost in creating online courses, workshops, webinars, group coaching, or funnels, with no customer.

And, you’re not alone…

The system is rigged against you

Let me explain…

When you create any content (no matter how awesome you or your content is), you’re just a pin in the haystack.

There are millions of new individual posts, podcasts, videos, and other content produced every day with more and more people adding to the noise every minute.

If you look into your inbox, you’ll see emails with offers to courses that’ll teach you how to be successful with these platforms. More and more people are joining these platforms in the hope to find their space.

Take an example of YouTube: Between 2017 and Nov 2020, 23 million new channels (with at least 5 subscribers) are added. 15 million creators upload 80 million videos every month.

I’ve not even started to talk about other platforms. You got the point.

Succeeding in any one of them requires MORE than a full-time job and competitively superior skills.

Just another brick in your already growing wall of overwhelm.

Wouldn’t it be better if…

…you just serve more clients, have an audience that’ll tell you what content they want from you next, and have all the time you need in hand to create that content… without having to deal with the frustration of marketing and tech?

And… without having to accept the pesky ‘Hustle Lifestyle’ that only brings in more frustration, stress, anxiety, and overwhelm that slows you down.

There is a simpler way. A BETTER way to do things…

“Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”

-Steve Jobs


This is where I come in.

I work hard to get my thinking clean to make it simple for you, so you can create a LIFESTYLE of FREEDOM and IMPACT, without “hustle”.

“Getting attention in a world which is full of distractions is tough – but this is exactly where Ed excels.

He can see what you can’t see and finds the unique positioning that can help you stand out from your competitors instantly.

Ed has a way of cutting through the noise with incredible ideas and offers and getting them to market in a way which makes your competition irrelevant.”

– Arfa Saira Iqbal
7-Figure Copywriter and Marketing Coach, author of “The Mind Hack Method”

One of Ed’s super powers is to break down a complex process into an easy to follow-up set of steps that allowed me to feel comfortable with marketing and sales for my business.”

– Vasco Duarte
Agile Coach, Funder of Oikosofy, author of #NoEstimates & co-author of “The 48 Hour Book Method”

Hi, I’m Ed Evan Rich, and I’m the creator of the “Hustle Free”.

(It’s a community of experts, coaches, and authors who no longer subscribe to the idea of “Always Be Hustling”.)

Here’s a principle of lifestyle design that I adopted from Steve Jobs…

Every RESULT in your life and business should be reached within THREE STEPS or less.

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Once I started applying this in my life, I saw emergence of a pattern…

  • You can build your audience as an email list in just one step without any content, lead magnets, social presence, or even a website.
  • You can get clients online in one step too, almost without any web presence (no website), marketing, CRM, sales funnels, complex automation, and the whole enchilada that comes with it.
  • You don’t need to lose your sleep, time, or money in creating courses, webinars, group coaching programs, sales funnels, or any content BEFORE selling just the idea first to total strangers.
  • You don’t need to be a marketer, a salesperson, or even an entrepreneur to really serve more clients (or build a following).
  • And much, much more…

Finally! In the overwhelming world of abundant information, too many options, and decision fatigue, what you don’t do is more important than what you do.

Less is more.

When you can naturally switch off your worries while you’re away from work – with friends and family – without feeling guilty that you should be working on something else

… then you know you’ve made it.

  • This is when your business grows.
  • This is when you create the impact you wanted to create in the first place.
  • This is when it’s worth it to have a business.

And… that’s my mission with our work together.

Next, pick your adventure with me…


 How would you like to grow your business?

Who is Ed Evan Rich?

You’ve probably never heard of me before. That’s by design.

That’s me with some of my clients, employers, teachers, heroes, and friends.

“If you have a book, an online program or membership to grow, I would highly recommend you have a consultation with Ed.

Ed has helped us develop several highly successful campaigns and has the skills to support your project too. He comes with my highest recommendation.”

-Kavit Haria
Business Coach, author of Don’t Sleep On It and director, Insider Internet Success

Ed has a ridiculous amount of detailed and specialized knowledge which can really help get somebody’s business from start to finish. 

If you are someone in a service business and are trying to market yourself on the internet, definitely get on a call with Ed.”

– Vivek Krishnani
Transformational Coach, New York

That’s because I do not subscribe to the idea of creating free content to please the masses or algorithms (any Ayn Rand fans?) to get very few people actually benefit from actually working with you (especially when you’re a small company or when you’re starting out).

While everyone create noice by distributing free content, I believe in creating commercial viable products. This is exactly what I teach in my products and why I get hired by famous thought leaders.

I believe you shouldn’t be focusing on creating free content unless you are big enough can hire full-time employees to do so.

Up until recently I’ve been working as a full-time product manager (an employee) for coaching businesses, a products marketing consultant, and a white-label marketing funnels builder (for other digital marketing agencies).

I work behind-the-scenes with some of the world’s most well known Thought Leaders (or “Gurus”).

In other words, I am the brainpower and the engine behind some of the world’s most significant coaching & mastermind products, product launches, and marketing campaigns.

“Gurus” call me in when they have a great idea to change the world with their coaching program, group coaching, online course, accelerator, or mastermind, and the stakes are too high for them to lose time and money on hit and trial.

I’m also a co-author of the book, “The 48-Hour Book Method“, host of “The Growth Hacking Show Podcast“, and creator of two online summits (Vlogging Success Summit, and Ledger & Tokens Blockchain Summit).

The podcast is not open to public anymore. It’s exclusive to the members of “The Hustle Free Community“. My email subscribers (mostly customers) are the only people who get my free content.

I use “Lean Product Management” philosophies in my coaching, consulting, personal projects, books, events and online products.

So, if you are one of these thought leaders, or are driven to create a significant impact by becoming one of them, then we should do business together. 😉

Jerry Bergner, Founder (Integrated Life & Financial Planning)


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I know how it feels like to struggle with marketing & tech overwhelm…

Especially when it even stop you from growing your business. I’ll help you declutter your marketing, build an email audience, get more clients, and get way more out of the time you have in your hands.

When you become “Hustle Free”, your business grows.
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