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Quests are my personal journeys to figure out something that I don’t yet know.

These may be things that may or may not be in my zone of genius, but are definitely something that either I’ve been thinking of doing for a long time, or my clients told me they need.

Quests are always FREE.


Deeds are similar to Quests, except that these things fall under my zone of genius.

These are the things that I’ve already figured out and I’m sharing here for you to learn from knowing that you’re in the right hands. I’ve got this ๐Ÿ˜‰

Deeds are always FREE.

  • The 48Hr Book MethodHow to author a book that establish your credibility as an author, sells itself, promote your e-learning business, and generate leads 24/7/365.
  • Build a professional home-based broadcast and video studio under $1000You don’t need to hire a professional studio, expensive camera or audio gear, or worry about tech. All you need a hustle-free home broadcast setup that is as easy as plug and play and make you look awesome in your videos. (Coming Soon).


From time to time, I host challenges that are designed to help you push through a hurdle in your business that’s been holding you back.

Challenges are always FREE when they’re LIVE. You can buy recordings later.

  • 5-Day Find Your Profitable Coaching Niche ChallengePerfect for you if you want to author a book, create a group-coaching, or hybrid-course program, but are finding it difficult to choose your topic.
  • 5-Day “Lead-Gen Ads Campaign” ChallengeThis challenge will walk you through getting your first Facebook Ads lead generation campaign up and running. (Currently not open to enrolments).
  • 5-Day The Perfect Blog Post ChallengeOver 2800+ students enrolled in this challenge. (Currently not open to enrolments).


These are standalone multimedia trainings that are designed to give you a big-picture stretegic advantage over a particular area of your business.

Masterclasses sometimes delivered LIVE sometimes on-demand, but they’re always FREE.

  • The Hustle-Free Lead Generation MasterclassDiscover how to get leads coming to YOU so you can finally stop hustling for clients & start filling your calendar with high-quality prospects on-demand!
  • The 48 Hour Book Method MasterclassHow to author a book that gets you invited to speak, builds a tribe of superfans, and sells your course, group coaching program or services using The 48 Hour Book Method.


These are standalone PREMIUM mini trainings or courses that are designed to help you get stuff done in implementing specific ideas into your business. These are either pre-recorded or recorded LIVE.

  • Author Business Growth WorkshopA 5-day workshop series to help author build an eLearning business behind their book. (Currently NOT open to enrolments).


Ocassionally I host virtual online summits where I interview industry experts to help you take your eLearning business to a whole another level.

These range from 3-10 days long workshops and interviews.

Summits are always FREE when they’re LIVE. You can buy recordings later.

  • Stand Out With Daily Videos (previously, Vlogging Success Summit) – A 9-days summit on how to grow a successful following online with videos.


These are the same as Summits, but with three key differences;

  1. they’re shorter (1-3 days max),
  2. the scope is broader (personal development, productivity, self-discipline, etc.),
  3. they’re often hosted in collaboration with other experts in their field.

Mini-Summits are always FREE when they’re LIVE. You can buy recordings later.

  • Mental Toughness MiniSummitGo behind the scenes with world-class entrepreneurs and experts on how to develop mental toughness, build resilience, and achieve your wildest dreams.


Bootcamps are our PREMIUM 3-Day long LIVE online workshops that help you with getting things done in ONE impactful area of your business.

The core promise of these bootcamps is that you’ll accompolish more in 3 days than what you do in 3 months.

  • The Hustle-Free Client Attraction BootcampCurrently not enroling. Enrolment will open again, but I don’t yet have an ETA. Reach out to me via the appointment calendar on the page if you want to buy recordings (or see if this is something you need).

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