Read this if you want to become an authority in 2021 but struggling with lack of time to author your book?

New workshop reveals how you can build your authority and start growing an email list of your future book readers who will tell you what they want you to write in your book.

Craft your online authority platform behind your book in 48 hours or lass.

Build your authority platform that extends your influence, monetize it, and serves as the ultimate foundation for your successful writing, speaking, and coaching or consulting practice

… Even if you haven’t started writing your book yet or even if you have no idea what to write about.

Getting noticed in a noisy world is hard and it demands you to invest your time to publish your book BEFORE you can stand out as an authority.

People want to become “the authority” for different reasons: to build a tribe, gain more clients, boost sales, for self-esteem, recognition – or even to attract a mate.

Regardless of the underlying reason, we all crave the power and freedom that being an authority gives us!

And there is no better entrée to becoming an authority than writing a book…

Most aspiring authorities think they need to publish their book BEFORE they can become an authority.

Their hopes disappear once they start writing their book.

Writing a book is a difficult process. (It’s an excruciating test of your sanity).

As a result, despite spending years trying to push through their writing, their book is not out yet.

If you search your old docs (or Scrivener), you’ll probably find some great chapters you won’t believe you wrote earlier. Nobody’s seen them yet.

How could you become an authority IF NOBODY READS YOUR STUFF?

And let’s say you’ve managed to push through and published your book. Now what?

How will people find you? Will anyone buy your book once it’s out? Will they even bother to read what you wrote? Will they care?

How will you build an audience with it?

With millions of new books published every year, authors are struggling to stand out. They’re unable to build any audience with their books.

What’s your investment?

Think about how much it’s been costing you…

  • How much time and energy you’ve lost in writing your book that leads you nowhere?
  • How about the time you are wasting in producing content but getting no business? (blogs, podcasts, videos, or posts on social that are getting you listens, likes, and comments, etc.)
  • Have you built your tribe of your book readers yet?
  • How visible are you to potential clients who need your service the most, urgently… like, yesterday.
  • How much you stand out against your alternatives; Are you perceived as one in many, or are you seen as the one and only?
  • Did potential clients even think of you once, when in need?
  • How long do you have to wait to become an authority?

I believe it’s wrong that despite your depth and wealth of knowledge, experience, credentials, resourcefulness, and amazing ideas, nobody still recognizes you as an authority.

Wouldn’t it be better if…

… you just write one chapter at a time, release it to an ever-growing tribe that’ll tell you what EXACTLY to write in your next chapter, build direct authority, and serve more clients

without having to wait to finish writing your book, publishing it and then dealing with the frustration of marketing and tech, or ever worrying whether no one will read your book?

There is a simpler way. A BETTER way to do things…

“Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”

-Steve Jobs


You NO LONGER have to wait to get your book ready, BEFORE standing out as an authority author.

This is where The 48 Hour Book Method come in.

The 48 Hour Book Method is an ingenious way to position you as an authority and grow your tribe by releasing your book, one chapter at a time.

The best part is that this method works even if you’re starting from scratch, or even if there are too many other “authorities” in your crowded niche.

Here’s how you’ll build your tribe and authority:


Release your book free via email, one chapter at a time, exclusively to people who are…

… (drumrolls please)…

… signing up to join your tribe in exchange for getting an early access to read your book as you write it.


Then collect feedback from people who join your tribe and those who read your chapters.

This cycle of near real-time feedback will help you continue to create your core message and prioritize the topics of future chapters in your book.

Note that having timely feedback process makes your communications more relevant so the benefit extends to:

  • emails,
  • signature talks,
  • blogs,
  • podcasts,
  • videos,
  • online courses,
  • workshops,
  • future books,
  • And much, much more…


As the market proves the demand for your topics, release new chapters one at a time.

This is how you demonstrate your authority on your topic to those who have already joined your tribe.

Once your book is finished, you already have a tribe you can sell it to at the launch.

All products and services that you then create will further build your tribe. (Again, you don’t need to wait to finish your book to create and sell your offers).

That’ll be a tribe of people who’ll adopt your ideology and ecosystem in their lives.

And it’ll be very difficult for your competition to sell the same stuff that you sell because you’ve already established first-mover advantage.

And that’s how you build authority and a loyal tribe of true fans.

These are the people that not only buy your book but also buy the updated version, the audiobook, maybe even the Kindle edition so they can take it on the road.

They not only come to your keynotes but also purchase VIP tickets to get the best seats, not to mention your new merch to wear to the venue.

They are the ones that subscribe to your newsletter, read every single word, click every link, and send it to twenty of their friends.

They love everything you put out and value it so much that they are happy to give up part of their income for it.

The Three Phases of becoming an Authority…
…The 48 Hour Book Method way

Phase 1.

Authority Positioning

Needs one-time set up
(This Workshop)

Choose an area you’d like to be known as an authority in… (or which niche you want to test for yourself, before you commit to it).
Pick a Starting Topic and Title of your book… (your book is an anchor for your core message).
Build your Book Release Funnel (your online platform to host all your content and tribe)
Build your Research Funnel to automatically collect surveys and feedback from tribe members when they join, so you can…

Phase 2.

Refine Your Core Message

Repeat throughout your career

Invite people into your tribe (on your platform) from all sources – anywhere you come in touch with other people including your online presence, virtual events, speeches, networking, etc.
Synthesize the surveys and feedbacks and convert that data into an Empathy Map and a Customer Story Map.
Craft, refine and pivot your core message, signature talks, book chapters, future books, online content, etc. with the help of your Empathy Map and Story Map.

Phase 3.

Enjoy Authority Status

Starts from day one

Nurture your tribe by helping them through your content, based on what they tell you they need help with (through your Research Funnel).
Publish your book either through self-publishing route or use the size of your tribe to negotiate a traditionally publishing deal.
Create and sell your products and services as an absolute authority on your topic, based on your Empathy Map and Customer Story Map… (your book is your product too).

Your tribe is special, and so is your content… custom created for them.

And that’s why your content is going to be better than 100% of the content out there, at least for YOUR tribe.

If you think about it, your book will be a well researched book, better than 99% of the books on Kindle. (Thanks to your Research Funnel that you’ll build in this workshop).

Once again, that’s how you keep turning members of your tribe into your true fans.

And, if you’re worried that marketing and tech will overwhelm you, worry not…

No more tech overwhelm

Here’s everything you’ll need to build your whole online authority empire, The 48 Hour Book Method way…

  1. ONE signup page to join your tribe.
  2. ONE email marketing tool. (Super basic one which can send automatic emails and occasional broadcast emails).
  3. Google Docs, MS Word, or any of your fav tool to write your content.
  4. Google Drive or Dropbox account to put your chapter PDFs.
  5. Google forms.

You can do this.

It’s that simple*.

* That’s exactly how I publish books at Hustle Free Publishing. (That’s my JV with Oikosofy, a self-publishing company owned by Vasco Duarte, co-author of my book).

What’s included in this workshop?

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My BOLD Promise: If it takes you more than 48 hours to stand out as an authority author in any industry using the method taught in this workshop, get 100% money back.

Who is Ed Evan Rich?

Hi, I’m Ed Evan Rich, the creator and co-author of The 48 Hour Book Method.

I wanted to establish my credibility because I never wanted to feel I needed to PROVE my abilities to my clients…. especially when on a call with them.

I wanted them to ALREADY KNOW that I can help and how I can help  before I ever talk to them. I wanted them to want a call with me ALREADY KNOWING that I’m their ONLY option.

I wanted to take clients based on when am available, not whenever they want, because that’s the only way I can serve clients without a lot of stress and anxiety.

I wanted to gain clients and grow my business without using any marketing, persuasion, manipulation, gimmicks, or sales tricks at all.

I wanted all of the above so that I have only two things to do on a client consultation call:

  1. Actually show them how I’ll solve their unique problem
  2. See if we’re a good fit and whether I wanna work with them

So I asked myself, can this all be done without having to commit to any content creation strategy or any social platform at all?

A relentless pursuit and experimentation to find the answer to this question is what influenced the creation of The 48 Hour Book Method.

You’ve probably never heard of me before. That’s by design.

While everyone else creates noise by distributing free content which ultimately generates little revenue, I believe in creating commercially viable products. This is exactly what I teach and why I get hired by authorities and thought leaders.

(I believe you shouldn’t focus on creating free content unless you are big enough and can hire full-time employees to do so).

Throughout my career, I’ve been the brainpower and the engine behind some of the world’s most significant coaching & mastermind products, product launches, and marketing campaigns. 

My clients call me in when they have a great idea to change the world with their books, coaching program, group coaching, online course, accelerator, or mastermind groups, and the stakes are too high for them to lose time and money on trial and error approaches.

Here are some of my referrals, affiliations, and qualifications….

That’s me with some of my clients, employers, teachers, heroes, and friends.

Try it out for 30 days

Here’s My Iron-Clad, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 

I am sure you’re going to love your purchase with me.

I acknowledge the fact that you don’t know me (probably), I don’t know you.

Why should you trust me when there is a high chance you have bought a product before from somebody else (who you didn’t know at that time) only to be disappointed, right?

I decided to take all the risks from your shoulders and give you full 30 days to go through this product.

Here’s the deal, I believe that this product is so amazing, so powerful, and so game-changing, I’m willing to GUARANTEE results.

With this guarantee, there is no downside.

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AND… if it takes you more than 48 hours to stand out as an authority author in your industry or niche… I’ll give your money back.

Let me know what you think, take the 30 days and apply the principles, and at the end of the day you will walk away in a state of gratitude for this low-price, high value education.

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Raise your profile as a thought leader in a weekend….

Craft your online authority platform behind your book in 48 hours or lass.

Build your authority platform that extends your influence, monetize it, and serves as the ultimate foundation for your successful writing, speaking, and coaching or consulting practice

… Even if you haven’t started writing your book yet or even if you have no idea what to write about.

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Instant Access (pre-recorded)

My BOLD Promise: If it takes you more than 48 hours to stand out as an authority author in any industry using the method taught in this workshop, get 100% money back.