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We help you promote your business by writing, publishing, and marketing books & other information products.

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Our publishing support services include coaching, consulting, workshops, info-product development, and book marketing services.

Meet Ed Rich, Author Consultant

Hi, I’m Ed Evan Rich. I’m a publisher, an author consultant, and co-author of The 48 Hour Book Method.

It means that I’m a product developer of information products. In other words, I help you promote your business by creating, publishing, and marketing books and other information products.

Throughout my career, I’ve been the brainpower and the engine behind some of the world’s most significant online publishing, coaching & masterminds, product launches, and marketing campaigns.

My clients call me in when they have a great idea to change the world with their books, coaching program, group coaching, online course, accelerator, or mastermind groups, and the stakes are too high for them to lose time and money on trial and error approaches.

Here are some of my referrals, affiliations, and qualifications….

“If you have a book, an online program or membership to grow, I would highly recommend you have a consultation with Ed.

Ed has helped us develop several highly successful campaigns and has the skills to support your project too. He comes with my highest recommendation.”

-Kavit Haria
Business Coach, author of Don’t Sleep On It and director, Insider Internet Success

Ed has a ridiculous amount of detailed and specialized knowledge which can really help get somebody’s business from start to finish. 

If you are someone in a service business and are trying to market yourself on the internet, definitely get on a call with Ed.”

– Vivek Krishnani
Transformational Coach, New York

Ed’s fantastic to work with. Goes above and beyond simply creating sales funnels, but freely offers his thoughts and opinions on how to best grow the business as a whole. 

He was very organised, communicated well and delivered what he said he’d deliver and more!”

– Yee Trinh
Co-Founder and CMO at SavvySME

Jerry Bergner, Founder of Integrated Life And Financial Planning

That’s me with some of my clients, employers, teachers, heroes, and friends.