Turn your coaching, consulting, or other professional practice into a scalable online course business that you can use to generate recurring residual income while cutting your working hours by half…

The Hustle-Free Recurring Residual Income Manifesto is a special report that shows you a simple way to escape business slavery by building an online course business you can manage part-time…
…from anywhere in the world…

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Here’s what’s covered in this report…

In this short report…

  • You’ll learn why turning your seasoned expertise into an online course is the best investment you can make in your business (and life) right now.
  • You’ll find the #1 mistake that holds experts from succeeding with online courses and why most students never complete their courses. (It has nothing to do with students’ short attention span, but everything to do with your business model).
  • You’ll see an invisible business model behind some of the most successful expertise-based online course businesses that allow their owners to eliminate stress, overcome overwhelm, and practically escape business slavery. (while working remotely, no more than 20 hours a week).
  • And a lot more.

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Meet the Author, Ed E. Rich

If you’re feeling stuck in a never-ending cycle of showing up for clients just to be able to generate income, I know how it feels.

For most of my clients, it’s incredibly overwhelming with no end in sight.

Each day is like a repeat of the day before and it feels as if you’re stuck in groundhog day!

“You can checkout anytime you like, but you can never leave”
– Hotel California Song, by the Eagles.

That’s my definition of business slavery.

“They” say that the solution to this problem is to generate recurring revenue. (Maybe a subscription model).

That’s what I thought too. But it’s only half the truth.

There’s something called “Churn” and that renders any subscription model a joke.

99.99% of subscription models are just glorified payment plans. (Unless you’re Amazon Prime or Netflix).

That means, you never stop looking for new clients. (Even when subscription projections in excel sheets show otherwise).

The missing piece here is “residual income”.

Imagine you’re a rock star and you get paid to do a stage performance.

You’re also paid a recurring subscription fee to license your performance recording to some music distributors. (Or corporates who want to play your recordings to their customers while they wait for a support staff to pick up their call).

Work once, profit continuously – that’s “recurring income”.

Now imagine that on top of recurring income you’re also paid every time someone plays that music. Now. In the future. And forever.

That’s “residual income”. The two combined makes “Recurring Residual Income”.

This has been an established practice in the arts, music, and movies. But few people know how to apply this in the world of online courses.

Until now.

Hi, I’m Ed Rich, co-author of The 48 Hour Book Method and the author of this report.

You’ve not heard my name, but you’ve probably seen my work.

I’m not another guru… (Nor do I want to be one!)

Instead, I’m the underdog who works behind the scenes to build the infrastructure that allows experts to become thought leaders.

For the past 10+ years, I’ve been working with online memberships, training, and seminar businesses to help them grow online.

Truth be told, I didn’t fully grasp the power of “Recurring Residual Income” until I worked as a Product Manager for Marisa Peer’s coaching certification program.

It was then – through my research and interviews of established experts – that I found a business model that only a handful of ultra-successful online educators used successfully.

To my surprise, this business model is a well-hidden industry secret that nobody is teaching.

I had the advantage of being an insider. Since 2019, I’ve been helping my clients gain an unfair advantage by building an online course or certification program that follows this unique business model.

As I’m working with clients right now, I’m documenting and sharing my processes, thoughts, and learnings with you through this report.

In this report I’m presenting evidence that “Recurring Residual Income” is the key to creating an online course business that buys you true freedom…

… time freedom to take a long breath (read long break) without stress, overwhelm, or anxiety, and to spend it on doing things that you deemed priceless.

If you believe being an expert is more than just being tied to your clients and you crave true freedom, then I invite you to join us!

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