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The 48 Hour Book Method is an easy way to stand out as an authority, build a tribe of readers, and grow your business with your book in 48 hr.

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Here’s what’s covered in these chapters

In the three available chapters…

  • You’ll learn about strategies that successful coaches, consultants and speakers use to become a recognized authority in their area, even when starting from scratch! That means: you might not even have an idea of what to write about! Trust me, you’ll want to read chapter 3!
  • You’ll find a method to go from an idea to a book in progress in less than a weekend of work. Ok, maybe one weekend of work (that’s where the 48 Hour Book Method name comes from)…
  • You’ll see how you can use the power of a “Waiting List” to start building a tribe of people who’ll listen to what you have to say, attend your speaking events, buy your workshops, and become your consulting clients.
  • And much, much more…

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Meet Ed Rich (Co-Author)

Ed Evan Rich, Co-Author


I’m Ed and I help coaches and consultants become recognised authorities through packaging their expertise.

I’ve been organizer of numerous high-profile conferences and online summits for the last 15 years.

I’m also a teacher with more than 2800 students who have taken my marketing classes.

Previously, I’ve served as the Head of Marketing at Oikosofy, a book publishing company in agile coaching space, and the Manager of UK HQ of a non-profit, The Indus Entrepreneurs, that organized workshops, seminars and events for startups.

And… I’m an an MBA from the University of Manchester (if anyone care ;-))

Meet Vasco Duarte (Co-Author)


I’ve helped authors grow a business by starting with a book, and companies create and successfully sell their products to grow their business.

I’ve applied the knowledge I collected for decades to help you write your next book, and be recognized as an expert in your industry. That’s what this 48 hour book method is about!

We explain why your book is a product that will help people, and help you be a recognized expert, and grow your career and your business.

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