Your Quiz Result: YNMC

Here, YNMC stands for “You Need Mission Clarity”. This page contains your quiz report and my video explaining your report.

From the desk of Ed Evan Rich,
Dursley, UK.
Dear Friend,

Thanks for making the time to take the What’s Your “Self-Publishing Readiness” Score Quiz.

And Congratulations!

Because with this information you are on your way to build your reputation as an expert author.

Hi – I’m Ed Rich. I’m an Author Coach, Co-author of The 48Hr Book Method, and creator of this assessment.

And over the past decade, as I’ve helped many online publishing businesses coach and train their clients to become authors, I notice one BIG issue coming up time and time again…

People would say, “Ed, I get it that self-publishing my book will open doors for my business as a thought leader and I’d love to use your strategies, but right now I’m not even sure how to get started!”

Or, “I know I WANT to be seen as an authority in my industry through my book, but how do I know WHAT book to write?”

Or, “How’d I know that someone will care to read what I have to say?”

And that led me down the path of creating this assessment, so you can get instant clarity about the NEXT STEPS for YOU based on your READINESS Score.

So, let’s get to your results!

Your PDF Report

Download your PDF Report here.

Here’s a video explainer of your results.

Next, align your book’s MISSION with your target reader’s WANTS with the help of this five day workshop called, the “5-Day Find Your Profitable Niche Challenge”.

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