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Ed Evan Rich

Hi, I’m Ed.

You’ve just signed up to read my book, The 48 Hour Book Method.

I didn’t get much of a chance to introduce myself earlier. But now that I got your attention, let me delight you a little bit more.

I know that you are a thought leader who want to stand out as an authority, grow your tribe, make more sales and create massive impact.

And that’s why you joined the BETA Reader Community of The 48 Hour Book Method.

I’ve been working on this book with Vasco (co-author) for the last 4 years. The book is not finished yet, but we’ve written 60% of it.

I’ve just sent you the first three chapters and you’ll get the rest of the written chapters very soon.

Having said that, this method is something I’ve improved upon since 2016. Since this is a well developed method, I don’t need to wait any more to teach it to you so you can start benefiting from it.

One of the biggest challenge that slows down the progress of your thought leadership is not having an authority platform of your own.

On top of that, every marketer and every marketing book that I’ve come across is teaching this part in a totally wrong way.

As a result, people think that they need to have a blog, podcast, YouTube channel, or social media presence which counts as a platform.

All wrong.

In order to overcome this problem, I created a workshop that teaches thought leaders how to position themselves as an authority, create their own authority platform, and start building a tribe of early readers of their book, even if they don’t have a book yet.

This workshop covers an easy way to start presenting yourself as an author (even before you have a book) that demonstrates authority, start building your tribe of early book readers.

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But I’m getting a bit ahead of myself here.

Before you check out the offer, I thought it’ll help if I give you a sneak peek of what’s included in this workshop.

The whole basis of this new and easy way to build massive audience as an authority relies on you understanding the agile way to become an author.

That’s why I’ve taken this video out from the workshop to show you exactly how to build your mass movement behind your book.

I hope you enjoy this video. (Remember, once you close this window, you won’t have access to this material anymore):

Video: The Shortest Path To Becoming A Celebrity Authority.

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If this training didn’t help you then this workshop is probably not a good fit. BUT if you love the idea in the above training, you’ll love getting your hands dirty right away.

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