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Therefore, I am currently not accepting new consulting clients.

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“If you have a book, an online program or membership to grow, I would highly recommend you have a consultation with Ed.

Ed has helped us develop several highly successful campaigns and has the skills to support your project too. He comes with my highest recommendation.”

-Kavit Haria
Business Coach, author of Don’t Sleep On It and director, Insider Internet Success

One of Ed’s super powers is to break down a complex process into an easy to follow-up set of steps that allowed me to feel comfortable with marketing and sales for my business.”

– Vasco Duarte
Agile Coach, Funder of Oikosofy, author of #NoEstimates & co-author of “The 48 Hour Book Method”

“Getting attention in a world which is full of distractions is tough – but this is exactly where Ed excels.

He can see what you can’t see and finds the unique positioning that can help you stand out from your competitors instantly.

Ed has a way of cutting through the noise with incredible ideas and offers and getting them to market in a way which makes your competition irrelevant.”

– Arfa Saira Iqbal
7-Figure Copywriter and Marketing Coach, author of “The Mind Hack Method”

Ed has a ridiculous amount of detailed and specialized knowledge which can really help get somebody’s business from start to finish. 

If you are someone in a service business and are trying to market yourself on the internet, definitely get on a call with Ed.”

– Vivek Krishnani
Transformational Coach, New York

Ed’s fantastic to work with. Goes above and beyond simply creating sales funnels, but freely offers his thoughts and opinions on how to best grow the business as a whole. 

He was very organised, communicated well and delivered what he said he’d deliver and more!”

– Yee Trinh
Co-Founder and CMO at SavvySME

From the desk of Ed Evan Rich,
Dursley, UK. 

Dear Friend,

I know you are the kind of person who wants to author a book so you can stand out, grow a tribe, and become an authority.

To do that you need your books in the hands of your ideal prospects. The two most common ways to do that are self-publishing and traditional publishing.

The problem is that both of those methods need you to finish your book first, which makes you feel stuck for a very long time.

As a result, most aspiring authorities never finish writing their book.

Even if you finish writing a book, both publishing methods require you to promote your own book.

That opens another can of worms… marketing. 

Doing a decent job at marketing yourself requires years of disciplined study, practice, and experimentation.

It’s an expensive discipline.

Ultimately, despite spending years of precious time and thousands of dollars on marketing education, buying technologies, and hiring agencies, most aspiring authorities never become authorities.

As a result, despite your awesomeness, not as many people rally behind you as you’d like. 

Not as many people read your books, let alone buy them (except family and friends), as you’d like.

Not as many people take you up on your client intake consultations as you’d like.

I know how it feels like to be on a call with your potential client and still having to prove whether you can help them… only to lose them to inferior competition.

I believe anyone having to waste time, money, and energy into methods that don’t give results is plain wrong

I believe any method that doesn’t give exact and measurable results in 3 steps or less… is a wrong method.

That’s why I’ve created The 48 Hour Book Method, 5 years ago, initially to help Vasco’s self-publishing company* rapidly publish books with predictable success.

* (Vasco is co-author of my book).

Since then I’ve refined and matured the idea and it has surpassed its application beyond self-publishing.

This method has helped me to penetrate many niches I have tried myself, positioning me as an authority in the eyes of people who matter the most… in less than 48 hours.

And all this without…

  • Without having a book completed (or even committing to work on it).
  • Without having any kind of content.
  • Without having any social media presence.
  • Without having an online or offline presence of any kind (I didn’t have any website until recently).

And best of all, this method involves the least knowledge of marketing or tech.

Getting great results in your life shouldn’t be difficult.

I know it sounds too good to be true. That’s why I’m going the extra mile to explain as much of it as possible here.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Landing page: Invite people to join your tribe in the email list in exchange for giving them ‘Early Access’ to a book that you want to write.
  2. Ask every one of them what their unique challenges are related to the topic of your book (or topic of your business)
  3. Prioritize their challenges into your book’s Table Of Contents, your signature talk, upswell products, webinars, and services.
  4. Solve their challenges with any content you like (text emails, videos, podcasts, pdfs, webinars, live videos, etc.) and release them as chapters, newsletters, and bonuses via email.
  5. Invite them to give you feedback on your content via email, Google forms, post comments, or any way you like. Use this to refine your chapters as you go along.

Next, this is how this method changes the game for you…

  1. BONUS: Want to get invited to speak at conferences? Use this ‘early access’ book and the fact that you have a tribe as a door opener to get invited to speak at conferences, guest podcasts, radios, televisions, and any kind of presence, inviting the audience back to sign up to your tribe for the book.
  2. BONUS: Want your speeches to be packed with people? Invite your engaged tribe to come and see you at the events that you are speaking at (event organizers will love you for this).
  3. BONUS: Want to get clients? Periodically, send invites to your email list to book initial consultations with you when you are available.
  4. BONUS: Want to become a bestseller? When you’re ready, self publish your book on any platform and invite your tribe to buy the final version (they’ll love it because they’ve helped you create it for them).
  5. BONUS: Want to be traditionally published? Cool, just use the size of your tribe as an advantage to negotiate a book publishing deal with traditional publishers. 

No need to create any content for the public at all. If you get any organic traffic, great, but it’s not needed. 

Your tribe is special, and so is your content… almost exclusively created for them.

And that’s why your content is going to be better than almost 100% of the content out there, at least for your tribe.

That’s how you turn members of your tribe into your true fans.

Oh, if you are worried about tech…

Here’s everything you’ll need to build your whole online authority empire, the 48 Hour Book Method way…

  • ONE signup page for people to join your tribe
  • ONE email marketing tool (super basic one which can send automatic emails and occasional broadcast emails)
  • Google Drive or Dropbox account to put your chapter PDFs.
  • Google forms.

It’s that simple.

That’s exactly how I help authors publish their books, releasing one chapter at a time.

What Next?

Next, click the button below to book a call with me and let me guide you through the easy process of building your authority with almost no marketing.

During this call, I’ll also help you design your own hustle-free, authority-building, book release funnel… The 48 Hour Book Method way.

So you can finally stop wasting time, energy, and money in those low-value activities and finally stand out, grow your tribe, and become an authority

UPDATE: I am fully booked to my capacity right now.

Therefore, I am currently not accepting new consulting clients.

However, my slots have been known to open! ;-).

If you would like to be notified the next time the consulting slots become available, please enter your email and press the button below.

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Jerry Bergner, Founder (Integrated Life & Financial Planning)